MarFish is a company in the business of breeding, transporting and selling autochthonous Adriatic fish.
Our success story dates all the way back to 1994 when the company started operations. Over the years, MarFish has grown into the leader in the Premium fish production segment. 
We take special pride in our current production of large sea bass, a unique fish of exceptional quality sought by culinary experts. In addition to large sea bass, we also produce gilt poll. We have also recently started producing trout in Jadro, the cleanest river in Dalmatia.

Our breeding sites are located on the west side of the Iž Island in the vicinity of the Kornati National Park, and close to Rogoznica. Utilizing the most modern global knowledge and technologies in the production cycle, we pay special attention to the strictest ecological standards. 

Exceptionally clean sea, mild Mediterranean climate and minor temperature oscillations create the ideal preconditions for fish production. We have converted all those advantages into the unique quality of all our products. 

The mission of MarFish is to maintain its recognizable quality and open up new sales channels on the European Union market while increasing the scope of production. 


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