Sea bass (lat. Dicentrarchus labrax), belongs to the bass family (Moronidae). It has around thirty similar and different names used along the Adriatic coast. The most commonly used name is “brancin”. Other common names include “agač”, “levrek”, “lubin”, “dut”, “luben”, “smudut”, “morski grgeč”

Fish meat is richer in vitamins than red meat, especially in vitamins A, D, E and B

Sea fish meat is exceptionally rich in iodine needed for proper functioning of the thyroid gland. In addition, it has plenty of potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, copper and other microelements crucial for tissue development and protection

Fish meat has a greater proportion of essential fatty acids than other types of meat. It contains Omega-3 fatty acids that help lower cholesterol and have a positive impact on the cardiovascular system and the heart in terms of disease protection

            Make fish a part of your menu at least once a week


Fish should be on your menu at least once a week prepared in a right healthy way. This would not be a fish fillet fried in a lot of oil because proper diet dictates a different method of preparing fish. You should select good fish. Carefully select it and keep in mind that fresh fish are always better than frozen fish

Do you want to learn how to fillet and prepare sea bass?

Nations that consume a lot of fish (such as the Eskimos and the Japanese) do not suffer from a high rate of cardiovascular illnesses. This is because fish contain the so called “good fats“ that protect the cardiovascular system from “bad fat“ deposits. The concentration of Omega-3 fatty acids is higher in fatty fish, especially blue fish, such as sea bass

Fish meat also has a positive impact on the nervous system and metabolism

Fish meat contains fluorine and phosphorous. Fluorine is a necessary component of the tooth enamel and phosphorous is a building material of bones

How to recognize fresh fish?

Fresh fish have clear eyes, red gills, their scales are intact, the meat is elastic and does not have an unpleasant odour, and they smell like the sea. When you touch it, the place where you touched it must return to its original position


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